SpeedSTR #15

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Vicki met Stephen in school a few times because they had mutual friends so she started rooting for him at the track just because he went to her school. She didn't get to know him until '97-'98 school year where they basically talked every day.  When she went to the races with her family when her dad was participating in the pits next to Steve, she got to visit with him after the races were over and it led to the exchange of phone numbers which was the beginning of what was unknown at the time would turn into a race car driver's wife. The day Stephen purchased his asphalt modified was the same day he proposed to Vicki. They were married after 6 years of being together and racing was a huge part of their lives and it had to be jointly because it is a "Lifestyle". Vicki committed to help Stephen however she could to help him further his career.  Whatever task she could find she did it in hopes of helping him pursue is lifelong dream.  She feels as though Stephen desensitized her from everything because of all they've been through over the years such as wrecks, flips, debts, time and hard work.  Vicki is couldn't be prouder of Stephen for all his accomplishments and has been right there with him every step of the way.

Vicki Nederostek

‚ÄčPublic Relations, driver's wife and biggest fan, and retired crew chief's daughter