SpeedSTR #15

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Stephen started off by working for his Stepfather’s business in lawn

care, saving every penny earned to buy his first racecar when he

was just 14 years old.  He began racing 4-cylinders at Mahoning Valley Speedway when he was 15 years old.  He had his best friend, his Stepfather, Uncle & Grandfather helping him as his crew.  He ran 4-cylinders for three very wild & fun years, and his third year he was crowned point champion at that track in the 4-cylinder division.  He ventured on to a late model ride, and managed to travel to a few different tracks with that car.  The garage was a little farther away than before, and no one was coming around to help him work on the car any more.  Stephen knew his girlfriend’s father used to be involved in a pit crew back when Dorney Park was around, and he knew he had to be very persistent in asking his now father-in-law, Bruce, to come and get involved.  Finally, Bruce gave in…which started a new, very good, trusting relationship & team.  He won some heat races, and had many top 5 finishes in features. When he decided it was time to move on to a modified, it was a very big decision that involved a very large commitment of time and money.  At that time Stephen was in college, and beyond having to pay for school tuition & his regular driving car expenses; he had schoolwork, a part-time job at a dealership, and he wanted to take on an asphalt modified with all his spare time & spare money (who has that?).  The day he bought his modified was a very important day for Stephen, not only was he committing to his racecar, he decided to propose marriage to his girlfriend the same day.  When he goes, he goes all out!  Well, that year was a struggling race season, because him & his fiance funded that racecar with only a few sponsors.  The rest of the money was coming from their personal funds, which only could take them so far.  Stephen realized that he drove better when he wasn’t worrying about how he was going to pay for something if it broke, bent, or even exploded.  He was driving too cautiously, which did nothing for his career.    Stephen started racing dirt Legends at Kutztown Fairgrounds.  It was a ride he got by finally persuading his long-time friend, Rick Harring.  H&N Motorsports began traveling to Central Pennsylvania for the Central PA Tour races.  Stephen’s first full year racing dirt Legends, he was crowned National Point Champion in the Semi-Pro division out in Missouri.  He was also State Champ.  He realized he preferred dirt racing to asphalt, and continued racing dirt.  His second year, he was still victorious by taking home Central PA Legends Point Champion, Path Valley Speedway Point Champion, and second Nationally.  His third year, he walked away with the title of Susquehanna Speedway Point Champion. He raced INEX Legend cars for a few more years and decided it was time to move to a 358 Sprint car, and although the partnership may not have been the best decision, the experience was the thrill of his life, earning Rookie of the Year his first year which was well earned.  He improved every week, becoming less timid and more comfortable in the 358 Sprint car. Stephen raced a Sprint car for 1 ½ years when the partnership had to end.  Stephen and Ricky decided that they would put everything they had (time, money and energy) into a dirt Late Model that he raced at NASCAR sanctioned Grandview Speedway earning Rookie of the Year his first year and gained some confidence back by winning not just one but two feature wins his second year.  He proves himself in every division he has ever driven and is by far a top notch driver with potential beyond his funds.  Stephen continues to work hard toward his dream of racing in the World of Outlaws.  He knows the true meaning of “hard work”, and he is not afraid of it.  What ever it takes to get there, he will be racing with the help of all our sponsors.  Wouldn’t it be great to be part of that dream, and have your business name on his cars?

Stephen Nederostek