SpeedSTR #15

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Remember to tell them Nederostek Racing sent you! Click any of the logos pictured at left to visit their websites. Ironton TelephoneServing the Lehigh Valley since 1909 "Our goal has always been to maintain the highest service excellence to our customers, whether they were served by the old "crank" phones or the modern VOIP phones of today...and we are grateful to be here and to have served both."

RT Salon, LLC, 610-767-7799, A Full Service Salon in a Family Friendly Atmosphere. Extensions, Hair Services, Waxing, etc.

Ken's Lawn Service, Inc., 610-799-3182, We're more than a lawn service!   Lawn Care, Home & Barn Clean Out, Trash Removal, Home Improvements, Painting, Carpentry

Odor Gone, Safe Around People, Pets, and the Planet, 1-800-930-9235, House and Auto, Athletes, All Pet related odors, Law Enforcement, RV / Marine, All Industrial Odors and All Professional Odors

Ned Richards Saturday Night "Sock Hop" 8pm-12am Service Electric or LIVE; Monday Night "First Decade of Rock and Roll 1954-1964" 10pm-1am Service Electric or LIVE; Thursday Night "Street Corner Doo Wop" 8pm-12am Service Electric or LIVE Channels - Service Electric cable 93.11, digital 103 & 137, Blue Ridge 113 or 613 Entertaining the world, WALN digital cable radio, the party channel BINNY MART Gas & Discount Tobacco Outlet, 610-769-1110, Coplay, PA

David J. Hohenshilt Welding, LLC, 610-767-0217, Neffs, PA

​Special Thanks!  
Scott Haus and his team has been a real inspiration for me!

Blaze & Vicki My son & wife are my back bone in my racing career, and it wouldn't be as fun without them there enjoying the family sport.

Crew Chief Bruce
I owe plenty of thanks for the support he has given me through the years and stood by my side and really committed to me.  I can't thank him enough! Thank you Bruce!!!

New Sponsors Welcome

Our Sponsors are what drives our team to be better each week.  To include Nederostek Racing in your special events, contact us and we will bring our race car and/or driver to promote your business and show your proud sponsorship, as well as promoting your event on our website.  Please check out our current sponsors above.

Please view our sponsorship pack and call to continue the option further.  Thank you for your time and consideration.