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                                                                                           Jay started off in racing because of his father, Mike

                                                                                           "Critter" Garris back at Dorney Park but as he got older

                                                                                           he wanted to prove that he could race as well.  He took

                                                                                           his savings and bought a 4-cylinder Enduro car and

ran at Mahoning Valley Speedway with great success.  Jay enjoys the fellowship and being important to the team helping on and off the track.  Jay got involved with Stephen because they started at the same track and he knew Stephen & Vicki longer than he could remember.  Jay even lettered Stephen's asphalt modified one year, which Jay was very grateful for.  At the end of the 2012 race season, Steve asked Jay if he wanted to be part of the team, and Jay accepted whole heartedly.  Once he became a regular at the shop he earned his renowned nickname "Captain" from Steve's son, Blaze, who was only 2 years old at the time. Jay looks forward to this year with high hopes and has a great feeling of success as their "family" grows together into a warm happy group that he feels is an extended family.  He is very grateful to Steve, Vicki and Blaze for taking him in and making him feel like part of their family.  From racing to camping to pet-sitting, they are all connected.

Jason Garris

‚ÄčCrew Member